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Business Culture & Speech Consulting

Leadership Communication

I help Entrepreneurs and Managers redefine their companies with the Right Purpose and Goals, for the Right Audience.

Speech Training

My Clients pitch to investors, speak at conferences, board meetings and training sessions. You’re the expert in your field, it’s my job to make sure the expertise is understood by all.

Cross-Cultural Communication

I’ll help you create a seamless work environment that keeps your team productive and working fluidly without a kink.

A Training Partner Of Davis Innovators


We came to the Bay Area from Texas for our gaming startup to get consulting and fundraising advice. [Arjun] was the catalyst for us realizing our true vision, mission, and business model, and we are moving forward a much stronger, focused, and driven company.
Gage R.
Arjun was able to mold his lesson plans into something that would benefit my activities better - including cross-cultural training, pageant speeches, on-stage presence skills, and much much more!
Jenn C.
Executive / Forever Beaumore
“I would highly recommend Arjun to anyone looking for speech coaching or general communication skills or seeking help for a specific talk or presentation.

I'm already feeling much more confident in my content and delivery.”
Adam Ellison
“He was incredibly helpful, offered many useful and easily applicable tips for leading tours and speaking to larger groups. I would recommend Arjun, he was an excellent and very personable instructor and speaker.”
Madeleine Crow
New Museum Of Los Gatos
“ …wished I had more time to learn from him. 
If you need to prepare for a presentation, Arjun is the man."
Adrien Olczak
Product Designer / Thumbtack
Arjun's expertise and insight helped me to focus in on the core of my message. And what I wanted out of my program…Thanks Arjun!
Khristopher Riley
Financial Solutions Consultant / Startup Weekend
“Arjun has a really deep knowledge of Indian Culture and how it impacts communication. He's the kind of guy that isn't satisfied with cliche differences…” 
Neil Miller
Chief Strategist / Madras Media Marketing
Arjun has excellent insight and helped me bring the power of my presentation to light. He's a great coach.
- Nate Williams
Arjun's insight was instrumental in helping me develop a concise and effective framework for my argument.
I would highly recommend Arjun for any group or one on one training.
Amy L.

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